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Best Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) in Jamaica and Sunnyside by Efficient Medical Care PC

Efficient Medical Care PC offers the best electrocardiograms or EKGs in Jamaica and Sunnyside. Our internal medicine specialist will thoroughly analyze your heart health so that you can live a better life. Visit our clinic for cardiovascular advice, assessment, and medical care. We are the best primary care clinic for you and your family and we are located in Jamaica, New York City. 

Dr. Barnali Hasan, MD is our primary care physician. She has a board-certification in internal medicine. She is our primary care physician. Our medical services have made us a preferred choice for the Jamaican community. We also operate our services in Sunnyside and welcome patients from all across New York City.

Our Physician: Dr. Barnali Hasan MD

Dr. Barnali is a board-certified physician. She practices in Jamaica. We welcome the patients from Sunnyside, and across New York City. Our physician's experience in EKG testing ensures that you receive the finest possible care. Trust our highly skilled and experienced primary care physician for your better cardiac health. Our physician will monitor the EKG testing process from start to finish. She will ensure accurate results and timely follow-up care if needed.

Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) at Efficient Medical Care PC

What is EKG test? 

An EKG is a noninvasive test that measures the electrical activity of the cardiovascular system. Heart's rhythm, structure, and overall function is observed with this testing. Our internal medicine doctors perform ECG testing to investigate various cardiac issues and observe your heart health. We will perform an electrocardiogram (ECG) to estimate the risk of cardiovascular issues. Our Jamaica, New York facility provides comprehensive and precise EKGs. We value your heart health and the necessity of timely intervention to live a healthy life. 

Our EKG testing service is designed according to your personalized needs. Our primary care physicians in New York City apply various techniques to monitor heart rhythm. The diagnostic procedures also include various methods and steps. It provides a complete picture of your cardiac health during a specific period of time. 

Our Services 

Routine EKG Testing

Visit our clinic for your routine cardiac check-ups and preventive measures for your heart health. Doing an ECG will give us an all inclusive inside of your heart health. After that the physician will make a proper treatment plan for you. 

Diagnostic EKG Testing

If you have symptoms like chest discomfort and heart racing, reach out to our clinic. To diagnose your signs, the physician might conduct EKG testing to determine the underlying reason. Also if you feel dizziness or shortness of breath, the testing can help identify any underlying cardiac issues.

Women's EKG Testing

 Feel free to visit our clinic for your electrocardiogram test performed by our female primary care physician in Jamaica, New York. Women mostly ignore their cardiovascular wellness. Their heart health and wellness is different and unique from men. Our ECG testing is equipped to serve the cardiovascular needs of women and ensure comprehensive care for every woman.

Walk-In EKG Testing

Efficient Medical Care PC offers walk-in appointments in Jamaica, NYC. Cardiac health needs immediate attention and action. We consider the situation of our patients. Our easily accessible location and welcoming environment is there to offer you the cardiac care you need. 

What is Included in our Electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG) in Jamaica?

The test involves various heart rhythm monitoring techniques and procedures. Our primary care physician will conduct an all inclusive EKG testing service. 

Resting EKG

During this test, the patient is asked to rest. The physician will snap some electrical activity with a specific interval of the heart during the whole process. This test finds cardiac dysfunction in the resting position.

Holter Monitor

A portable device that captures cardiac electrical activity for 24 to 48 hours or more. The patients wear it during their usual day to day activity. It observes the heart’s rhythm that cannot be observed during resting time. 

Exercise Stress Test

It evaluates the heart’s activity during physical activity. Heart rate, rhythm, and electrical signal is being observed. The patient is asked to walk on a treadmill or ride a cycling machine. As a result any abnormalities in heart health is observed and treated. 

How To Prepare Yourself for an Electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG) at Efficient Medical Care PC?

EKG tests by our primary care physician involve several steps. 

They are: 

Preparation: You may be requested to remove any clothes that cover your chest and wear a hospital gown. It provides simple access to the chest. The physician will next describe the technique and assure the patient's comfort and relaxation. 

Electrode placement: Our experienced ECG specialist will implant electrodes on particular areas of your body. These little adhesive pads are applied on the patient's chest, arms, and legs.

Recording the EKG: Once the patches for recording are correctly implemented the doctor switches on the EKG devices. This device measures and generates electrical signals created by the heart. These signals appear as waveforms on graph paper or a computer screen.

Monitoring: Our doctor will watch the EKG trace to ensure that the signals are captured correctly. They will figure out if the information is of enough value to allow for interpretation.

Analysis and Interpretation: After the recording is completed, the physician studies the EKG trace to determine the electrical patterns of the heart. They will look for any anomalies in heart rhythm or architecture. 

Patient Communication: Following the EKG test, our doctor will inform the patient of the results. They will explain the results and address any questions or concerns the patient may have. According to the findings, more assessment, treatment, or follow-up is indicated.

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