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Complete your CDL/Physical Exam in Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights from trusted provider.

Efficient Medical Care PC is your trusted partner for DOT Physical Exams in New York. We have our clinics in Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights. If you need a new commercial driver's license (CDL) or want to renew your old one, we offer the medical exam to ensure you meet the necessary standards. 

Our expert physicians will assess overall health conditions to certify whether you are ready to get your commercial driver's license.. We maintain the standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). We assure you of getting a driver’s license without much hassle. Our services are also cost-friendly to make them available for everyone who needs them. Barnali Hasan MD is our FMCSA-Certified doctor.

Why do you need DOT or CDL Certification?

According to the FMCSA regulations, commercial vehicle drivers in New York are required to undergo a DOT and CDL Physical Certification to ensure they meet specific health and medical standards (49 CFR Part 391, Subpart E). An individual with a sound mind and sound health ensures safety and avoids road rages. Remember that it is not only about getting your commercial vehicle driver's license. It is also about your own and public safety. The DOT (Department of Transportation) examination brings safety to the transportation sector as the examination helps to choose healthy and stable drivers.

Our Services for DOT/CDL Physical

Efficient Medical Care PC at Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights runs five to six tests before certification. This includes-

  • Past medical history checkup
  • Blood pressure and heart rate checkup
  • Vision and Hearing Test 
  • Sleep Apnea Test
  • Urine Test
  • Physical Examination

Medical History Checkup

We have the best primary care physicians at our clinic. We look for any past and current medical history that might impact your ability to drive a commercial vehicle on the road. Our doctors check for any chronic medical conditions, previous surgeries, current medication, and nerve disorders.

Blood pressure and Pulse Checkup

It is a very common screening of every commercial vehicle driver to check for high blood pressure and heart rate. Our primary care doctors look into the cardiovascular health of the applicant to ensure that he is fit for the job. We usually look if the blood pressure and pulse fall under specific guidelines for acceptable set by the FMCSA.

Vision and Hearing Test 

Our doctors check the vision and hearing conditions of the commercial drivers. We check according to the FMCSA requirements are-

  • Visual and binocular acuity of at least 20/40 (Snellen) in each eye
  • At least 70 degrees of vision in the horizontal meridian in each eye
  • Perception of a forced whisper at not less than 5 feet
  • No average hearing loss should happen at 40 decibels (at 500 Hz, 1,000 Hz, and 2,000 Hz)

Sleep Apnea Test

Sleep disorder is an important aspect to consider during DOT/CDL examination. Our best primary care physicians study the quality of your sleep to determine the condition. We offer treatment and instructions for any sleep complexities after the sleep apnea test. We can also help you with sleep management by providing a schedule.

Drug and Alcohol Testing 

It is always risky if anyone drives commercial vehicles under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Drug and Alcohol Testing is done only if the employer asks for it. Our doctors perform urine tests to check for drug and alcohol levels of the driver. 

Physical Examination

Commercial Vehicle Drivers' physical fitness is directly related to public safety. At Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights, Efficient Medical Care PC offers physical exams for the DOT/CDL exam. These assessments are done to check overall health of the drivers. We focus on neurological, musculoskeletal, and cardiovascular systems.

Contact us for the CDL/DoT certification

If you need a new commercial driving license or renew your license, get your DOT/CDL physical exam done today from Efficient Medical Care PC. Our physicians are certified to perform CDL/DOT Medical exams. We also offer TLC exams as part of our services. We offer our physical exam services at a low cost at any of our clinics. We care for our patients. Instead of setting some hard and fast rules, we look for simple solutions. We are one stop shop for all your DOT/CDL Physical needs. Get an appointment for the exam now. We also offer walk in appointment!


What is the purpose of the DOT physical exam?

The Department of Transportation requires all commercial drivers to complete the DOT physical examination before issuing a valid commercial license. This exam checks the physical and mental health conditions of the drivers. It is to ensure they can safely drive the vehicle for long duration. 

Who requires a DOT physical exam?

Commercial drivers who operate vehicles with gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds or more, vehicles that carry at least 16 passengers, or those that carry hazardous materials.  DOT physical exam is must for drivers driving such vehicles. 

How often do you need to complete a DOT CDL examination?

Normally you need to complete DOT/CDL physical examination once every two years. If you have a certain medical condition, you might have to give it more frequently.

What medical conditions may disqualify you from obtaining a DOT/CDL certification?

If anyone has certain medical conditions, it may get them disqualified for the exam. The medical conditions, includes uncontrolled diabetes, epilepsy, severe vision hearing problems, substance abuse disorder or high blood pressure.

Can you use hearing and visionary aids to drive commercial vehicles?

Yes, you can use hearing and visionary aids to drive commercial vehicles. FMCSA has certain regulatory requirements you might check before you go for a test. 

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