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Efficient Medical Care PC offers the best spirometry service in Jamaica and Sunnyside. Our experienced primary care doctor will thoroughly analyze your lungs. We use advanced spirometry equipment. It helps to deliver precise and accurate results. We ensure the highest standard of care for our patients. Visit our clinic for a comprehensive assessment of respiratory health. We diagnose conditions such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and more.

Understanding Spirometry

Spirometry is a one of the pulmonary function tests that checks the functional capability of your lung. In this test, you have to breathe into a machine named Spirometer. The machine will check different aspects of your breathing to measure the health condition of your lungs.

Why do you need Spirometry test?

You can learn about the following through the spirometry test:

  • You can know if your lungs are functioning normally
  • It helps to identify potential lung diseases
  • It can predict your risk of problems with breathing
  • You can know whether your work environment or surroundings have affected your lung function
  • It can identify changes in the lungs after you have recovered from any lung disease

How do you prepare yourself for Spirometry Testing?

You need to take some preparation as a precautionary measure to ensure this pulmonary function test's result is accurate. 

The steps are:

  • Wear loosely fitted clothes 
  • Skipping or adjusting breathing medicine like inhalers before the test
  • Avoid having large meals for at least two hours before the examination
  • Do not smoke or drink for at least six hours before the test
  • Refrain from doing heavy exercise at least 30 minutes before the exam

Our Services

Diagnostic Spirometry

Our spirometry service offers an in-depth check-up of your lung function. We look at various parameters such as how much air you can forcibly blow out in one second, how fast you can forcibly breathe out, your forced breath ratio, and much more. 

Monitoring and Follow-Up

Our spirometry service includes regular monitoring. We suggest you maintain follow up appointments to monitor the progression of your disease. We also emphasize continuous monitoring in case you are diagnosed with potential risk factors that can make your lungs sick. We recommend regular checkups for healthy patients too. It helps to detect problems with your lungs early and reduces the risk of complications. 

How do we conduct the Spirometry Test?

Here's an overview of how our primary care doctor conducts your spirometry test.

Evaluate Patient 

Our doctors start your lung function checkup by checking your health condition. We will look into your breathing related symptoms such as whether you feel difficulty breathing, asthma, or other medical conditions. We will also check your current medication list and medical history.

Explain the Process

Following the assessment of your overall health, our doctors will explain the entire procedure to you. We will tell you how to breathe into the device and provide other necessary guidance.

Setup Equipment

The doctor will then set up the spirometer. We will make sure the device is clean and sterilized before setting it up. 

Patient Positioning

After setting up the device, our doctor will set your position. We will ask you to remove tight clothes (if any) to ensure you can breathe freely. We will make you sit with a straight back maintaining your comfort.

Conduct Test

Finally, the doctor will place the device in your mouth and give you breathing instructions. You may have to repeat the process several times for an accurate result.

Efficient Medical Care PC

Efficient Medical Care PC is one of the best primary care centers in Sunnyside and Jamaica. Dr. Barnali Hasan MD is our primary care physician. She is a board certified internal medicine doctor. Our internal doctors are highly skilled and experienced in caring for lung health. We use the latest spirometry equipment to ensure your test results are accurate and reliable. We offer spirometry service with a holistic approach. We assess your overall health condition and medical reports to ensure the best quality care. Our service is not limited to Sunnyside and Jamaica. We welcome patients from all over New York.

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When should I have the spirometry test?

Take the breathing assessment if you have the following symptoms:

  • If you feel pressure in your chest or have pain
  • When there is mucus in your cough
  • If there is a rattling sound in your breathing
  • In case you experience difficulty taking deep breath

Who should not take the lung function checkup?

Do not take the lung function assessment if-

  • Recently had surgery in your abdomen or chest
  • You had a heart attack or stroke few days ago
  • You currently have an infection in your lung
  • You had eye surgery or dental work recently
  • Your blood pressure is high
  • You are pregnant

Does spirometry have side effects?

Spirometry may have temporary side effects. You may feel tired or dizzy. Sometimes you can become faint too. Don’t worry. You will recover soon.

How long does a lung function test take?

Breathing checkups do not take a long time. The duration depends on your health condition. Usually, you can complete the test within 15 minutes.

Is a spirometry test painful?

No.  You will breathe through a device. So you won’t feel any pain. But you can feel dizzy or tired from taking in and taking out deep breaths. Your heart rate can increase too. You must tell your doctor beforehand in case you have any heart problems.

How is the breathing test done?

Your primary care doctor will put a clip on your nose. Then they will put the mouthpiece of the spirometer in your mouth. You will be asked to take in deep breath and breathe out through the device. You have to repeat the breathing process a few times for accurate results. 

What should I do after the breathing assessment? 

After you are done with your breathing exam you can return to your normal life. If you have any medicine you can take that. But first, you should rest. As you may feel tired or sick this will help you to recover soon. 

Why should I avoid exercise before a breathing assessment?

Exercise before the breathing exam test can increase your breathing rate. Your body may experience other issues such as an increase in the heart rate.  All these factors will influence your lung function exam result. That’s why for accurate results it is advised to keep your lungs in a normal state.

How often should I do the breathing diagnosis?

You should do the breathing diagnosis once every year if you have a healthy lung. This will help your primary care doctor to identify lung problems in the early stages and prepare for the treatment. However, you may have to do the test more than once every year in case you have a lung condition. Your healthcare provider will recommend your test when needed.

Can everyone do the lung function assessment? 

No. Only healthy children and adults can do this test. Patients who had a recent surgery, have a heart problem, or lung infection are not recommended for this pulmonary function test.

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