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One stop solution for Immigration Physicals Exam in Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights

Efficient Medical Care PC is offering the immigration physical exam in NYC. We have USCIS certified civil surgeons to do multiple green card medical tests and provide you with the form i 693. Your journey to the US immigrant visa exam process depends much on a good immigration medical exam doctor. Our primary care physicians are there to guide you in every step of your medical test for a green card. We offer services for immigration at our three different locations, Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights in New York.

Our Civil Surgeons

Our highly experienced green card doctors of Efficient Medical Care PC will perform an overall and detailed health assessment of your physical and mental health. Based on your conditions, the civil surgeons will provide vaccination and other treatments. We have programs for mental counseling for the USCIS exam as well. Most people become very nervous and anxious before the exam.  

Our Immigration Physical Services in Jamaica

Physical Examination

The green card exam of Efficient Medical Care PC in New York has multiple programs for assessments, tests, treatments, and counseling. Our goal is to prepare you best to apply for I-693 examination. Our health assessment and evaluation are designed for multiple approaches like blood work, X-rays for chest and lungs, skin tests, eyesight and eye health check-ups, and hearing tests. We also have tests to detect other diseases by examining the internal organs. We will assess your breathing, lung health, tuberculosis, both of the abdomens, and heart health. We have a diagnosis program to find if there is any lymph or nodule in your body that needs immediate attention. 


We provide vaccination services if you are not vaccinated according to the standard of USCIS physical. When you visit Efficient Medical Care PC, our civil surgeons will listen to your history and immunization (vaccine) records. Based on that we will go to the further steps of your green card journey. 

Blood Tests

We perform various blood tests with your blood to understand if there is any presence of blood-borne infections or diseases. Your blood test result should meet the standard of the immigration exam.

Urine Tests

Urine test is done to understand certain conditions and the presence of any substances. Conditions like blood sugar, kidney diseases, and substance usage like drugs and alcohol abuse can be identified by doing urine tests. It is a mandatory physical test you have to do before immigration physical exam. Efficient Medical Care PC is well designed and welcoming to guide you throughout all the immigration related health checkups.

Mental Evaluation

Staying mentally fit is crucial to pass the immigration medical exam. We will perform screening for your mental health and detect if there is any disorder. Most mental disorders can be treated and managed with proper medications and counseling. Efficient Medical Care will do that for you. 

Drug and Alcohol Screening

The abuse of substances is very common and there is a mandatory screening for drugs and alcohol for the green card physical exam. To pass the IME at Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights in New York, come to us, get assessed, and let us help you to detox. We respect your privacy and security. Feel free to talk to our USCIS certified civil surgeons and get your immigration medical services. 


We have follow-up programs for our patients who are going to submit the I-693 form. Once you are our patient, this primary care clinic at Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights will always hold you back. We are ready to provide all the support for your health follow-ups. 

Convenient Locations

We have three locations for the residents of New York City. These are Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights in New York. We made our USCIS-approved doctor accessible for your convenience. 

Affordable and Transparent

Our services are affordable and ensure it is accessible to everyone. Our competitive pricing makes your immigration a cost-effective choice. 


Make an appointment with Efficient Medical Care PC and schedule your immigration medical exam today. We are accepting walk-in and online appointments for green card medical exams at Sunnyside, Jamaica, and Jackson Heights in New York.

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