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Explore the 7 key risk factors for hypertension and the effective strategies to manage them.

hypertension management by primary care in Jamaica
May 14, 2024 213 views

Do you know hypertension can kill you? This silent killer shows no symptoms at its early stage. You need to monitor it regularly before it causes you life threatening medical conditions. There are various risk factors for hypertension. You can manage them through lifestyle modifications and medical interventions. 

In this blog, our primary care physician, Dr Barnali Hasan MD, will introduce you to 7 risk factors that are responsible for high blood pressure. You will also learn about how you can manage them effectively.

Genetics and Family History

You need to be careful about your health if your parents or close family members have high blood pressure problems. You have the chance of having it as well. Don't worry, you can ensure good health. For that you have to maintain healthy lifestyle and take preventive care. You have to eat healthy and do regular exercise. You have to practice other healthy lifestyles in your daily life. You should visit our primary care clinic for regular checkups to screen and manage your blood pressure.

Unhealthy Diet

Your choice of food is directly related to hypertension. Food with high amounts of sodium are known to cause great impact on blood pressure. Saturated fat, trans fat and refined sugar can also cause your blood pressure to increase. These elements also increase your cholesterol level. Hypertension management is connected to cholesterol management as well. That's why our doctor suggests you need to create your diet plan carefully. 

Follow these to manage your high blood pressure:

  • Avoid salty food
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Include whole grains and lean proteins in your diet plan
  • Avoid eating processed food
  • Do not eat fast food every day
  • Eat homemade food 
  • Eat healthy fats like nuts, seeds, yogurt, or fish that have omega 3 fatty acid

Sedentary Lifestyle

Lack of physical movement in your daily life is another risk factor. Your sedentary lifestyle like desk jobs or spending leisure time browsing the internet can cause you hypertension. Also sitting for a long time during daily commute decreases your physical activity. You can experience different health issues like slow blood flow, weak muscles, or weight gain because of less body movement. All these health conditions are related to hypertension. 

Here’s how you can increase your movement

  • Take stairs instead of an elevator
  • Do household chores like cleaning or cooking
  • Don’t use car or other vehicle for short distances
  • Do regular physical activity like walking, swimming or playing sports
  • Stretch or take a brief walk around your home or office every hour

Excess Weight

Do you have obesity? Or are you gaining too much weight? You have a risk for hypertension. Your heart and blood vessels experience a lot of stress when your body has an excess amount of fat. This condition can cause you other major health issues. That’s why you need to control your weight.

You can manage your weight if you:

  • Eat healthy food
  • Avoid fatty and processed food
  • Do physical exercise regularly
  • Set realistic and achievable weight loss goal
  • Maintain sleep hygiene for quality sleep

Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Do you smoke or drink? Did you say yes? We advice to quit smoking and limit alcohol intake. These harmful habits can increase your blood pressure. They can also cause other long term diseases. You can visit primary care for behavioral counseling to change your habits. You can also take nicotine replacement therapy. You must manage stress, anxiety or other emotional triggers as well. And most importantly you must avoid friends who smoke or drink.

Chronic Stress

If you have long term stress, try to manage it right away. Stress can raise your blood pressure. It can also make you do other activities that will increase your blood pressure. You can develop other health issues because of your stress. You can have trouble with your sleep. You may lose your appetite or you can start stress eating. It will make you obese which is already a risk factor for hypertension. 

You can practice chronic stress management techniques. You can try deep breathing exercises. You can also do yoga or meditation. Try spending time in nature to relax your mind. You can drink herbal teas instead of alcohol.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is directly related to hypertension. You will have interruptions in breathing if you have this medical condition. This health issue creates lack of oxygen in your body. You may have hypertensive disorder for this reason. You have to seek medical assistance if you have this problem. Our internal medicine professionals will assess your overall condition and provide the solutions to cure your disease.

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