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Know all about DOT Physical Exam in Jamaica and Sunnyside, NY from Barnali Hasan MD

DOT Physical Exam
May 22, 2024 116 views

Commercial vehicles are large and heavy. A person with physical, mental or emotional impairment cannot handle these vehicles properly. That’s why the Department of Transportation made this health assessment test to ensure the safety of life and resources.

Dr. Barnali Hasan MD, our primary care doctor, will explain what happens during a DOT Physical Exam. You will learn what you need to do for preparation and what factors can disqualify you. You will get some tips to pass the exam as well.

Why is a DOT Physical Necessary?

DOT physical exam is a mandatory medical exam that proves your ability to drive safely. This overall health assessment ensures that the commercial drivers are perfectly healthy. It also proves they can drive safely and maintain public safety on the roads. 

Who Needs a DOT Physical?

You need DOT physicals if you:

  • Drive a vehicle that has more than 15 passengers
  • Your vehicle weight more than 5 tons or 10,000 pounds
  • Your vehicle carries hazardous material that requires a placard

Preparing for the DOT Physical in Jamaica and Sunnyside


You need to bring these documents for your CDL exam:

  • Medical records
  • Record of surgeries or other related reports
  • A list of current medications
  • Eyeglasses or contact lenses if you use them

Lifestyle Modification

Maintain a healthy lifestyle before your test to ensure a good health report.

  • Diet: Eat healthy food and water
  • Exercise: Do regular physical activity like walking, cycling, etc.
  • Sleep: Ensure you get good quality sleep each night
  • Avoid harmful habits: Quit smoking, drinking or substance use

The DOT Physical Exam Process

Medical History Review

Our examiner will begin by reviewing your medical history. Be prepared to discuss past surgeries and hospitalizations if you had any. Mention if you have any chronic conditions. It may include diabetes or hypertension. We will ask for a list of current medications and their dosages. Disclose any history of substance abuse.  All this information ensures a comprehensive understanding of your health.

Physical Examination

You can expect the following for your physical assessment:

Vision Test

Our physician will check your eye health. You might have to read letters from an eye chart. There are vision standards for commercial motor vehicle drivers. You must meet the requirements to pass this test. You will have to identify color to pass the color blind test. It is important as you have to recognize traffic signals.

Hearing Test

The doctor will examine your hearing ability. You may have to listen to different sounds at different distances.  

Blood Pressure

We measure your blood pressure to check if you have high BP or not. The drivers must meet specific blood pressure criteria. Generally blood pressure under 140/90 mmHg is acceptable

Overall Physical Assessment

We will look for infection in your ears, mouth and throat. We will check your heart, lungs and abdomen as well. We need to ensure the health and fitness of commercial drivers

Diagnostic Tests

Blood test: We ask for some blood tests. It might include checking diabetes and cholesterol levels. We may need screening for drug testing if the employer suggests it. 

Urinalysis: We identify different underlying health conditions from your urine.

Common Conditions and Their Impact on DOT Certification


High blood pressure causes problems in memory, concentration, and decision making. All these are important for safe driving. It can also lead to heart attack and stroke. There are chances of big accidents if they happen during driving. That’s why your blood pressure should be under control. You can get the license if your hypertension is under control.


Diabetes is another health factor that can have an impact on your exam results. You need to have your diabetes under control. You will be disqualified if you use insulin to manage blood sugar. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea makes you sleepy and tired while driving. It also reduces your ability to react quickly. If you are unable to concentrate and react quickly, you may cause an accident. You won’t get driving permission if you have this condition.

Vision and Hearing Impairments

You need to have good vision and hearing health. If you have problems with these sensory organs then you must receive proper treatment. You have to meet the standard requirements to get your license.

Tips for Passing the DOT Physical

Be Honest: You should provide an accurate medical history. Don’t hide any health condition for your own good. If you cause an accident, it can take a lot of lives. 

Stay Calm: You should be relaxed during the exam. Your blood pressure can increase if you get nervous or feel stressed out. It will give wrong BP measurements. 

Follow Medication: Take prescribed medications regularly if you take any for hypertension or other health issues. You should bring your medication list for the exam as well.

Regular Checkups: You should go to your primary care doctor for routine health assessments. You should not miss it if you have medical conditions like high blood pressure or high blood sugar. 

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