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It is important to manage your cholesterol level for overall wellbeing. Follow our guideline for healthy life.

Manage Cholesterol Level
Apr 13, 2024 431 views

Cholesterol is an important component of blood in our body. Our cells use it to perform different metabolic activities. Usually, our liver produces it. But we get unnecessary supply of cholesterol from our diet and unhealthy lifestyle choices.  For this reason, we suffer from many heart diseases. 

You will learn lifestyle tips for cholesterol management from our primary care physician Dr. Barnali Hasan MD. Efficient Medical Care PC is one of the best primary care clinics in Sunnyside and Jamaica.

Lifestyle Changes to Manage Your Cholesterol Levels

There are few effective tips you can follow to control your cholesterol level.

Eating Healthy Food

Cholesterol can be prevented through smart diet choices. You can give up on food containing saturated and trans fats. Such as fried foods, whole milk, and vegetable oil. Instead, you can go for healthy diet. Consider a diet of low fat dairy, whole grains, fruit, vegetables, and fish.

Be More Physically Active 

Physical exercise regularly can help control many of your health conditions including cholesterol.  You can regularly walk, swim, or dance. 

Maintaining BMI

BMI indicates the proper balance of body weight with your height. It is important to know your BMI. You can calculate yourself.  Primary doctors can also help you know your BMI. If you are overweight you have to decrease your weight. For that, you have to eat healthy meal on time. Also, you have to exercise regularly. Along with that, you need to ensure a good sleeping routine and stress free mind.

Quit Smoking & Drinking

Smoking and drinking are both bad for your well being. They increase the bad cholesterol. This increases your chances of developing severe health problems that lead to death. So it's better to stop consuming them.

Cholesterol Management in Primary Care Settings

Changing lifestyle practices are not often effective for cholesterol management. You need to keep in touch with professional doctors too. Here's how Efficient Medical Care, a primary Care in Jamaica can help you in controlling your cholesterol. 

Preventive Care

Monitoring cholesterol levels regularly can save your life. We have preventive care services to ensure our patients are always updated on their critical vitals. Our internal medical providers look into your family history, previous medical records, and other documents. We keep track of your overall health status. We also create lifestyle plans for our patients.

Diagnosis and Treatment 

Our primary care doctors in Jamaica conduct regular checkups. One of the assessments includes blood tests to check your cholesterol level. We suggest lifestyle changes to managing your cholesterol. Many times changes in food consumption and regular exercise is not enough to manage it.  We will prescribe medications as part of treatment. We also do follow up to monitor the condition. 

Health Education

These days, we rely on Google searches to solve any issue. But all the information on the internet is not true. For this reason, we provide a health education to our patients to ensure their well-being. Our professional PCPs educate our patients on various health control management strategies. We teach how to identify potential health issues with solutions. Also, we provide counseling on stress management, quitting smoking, and so on.


Primary care is a place to receive initial level treatment. Our professional internal medicine doctors conduct regular check-ups to monitor your overall health conditions. In case your cholesterol condition requires advanced treatment, we recommend you to a specialist. We are well connected to specialists. We evaluate your reports and previous medical history to identify the kind of advanced doctor you may need. Based on that we take appointments on your behalf and make the treatment procedure smooth.

Why choose Efficient Medical Care PC?

Efficient Medical Care PC is a trustworthy primary care provider in Sunnyside and Jamaica. We have board certified internal medicine physicians. We ensure the best healthcare service for our patients. You don’t have to wait longer as our appointment always starts on time. We also offer walk-in appointments. We also offer telemedicine services for convenience of our patients.

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What are the symptoms of people with high cholesterol feel?

Dizziness, shortness of breath, or chest pain are some of the common symptoms. You may not get any symptoms even. So it is important to go to a good primary care doctor for checkup. 

How can I manage cholesterol?

You can manage this health issue by having healthy lifestyle. Our primary care doctors in Jamaica can help you manage these conditions. We offer medication and lifestyle guidance. 

Is yogurt good for cholesterol?

You can have low fat yogurt. It is good for manage this condition. 

Which oil is good for cholesterol?

Olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil and canola oil are a few examples of good oil options.


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