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Lung diseases take time to develop into serious conditions. They don’t show signs in their developing stages. Like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pulmonary fibrosis, lung cancer and many more. They remain easily manageable in this phase. You can detect these conditions during their silent period through regular checkups. Also, you can start your treatment and slow down the progression of the disease.

Monitoring Existing Conditions 

Do you have asthma? Or COPD? You should do regular checkups if you have those conditions. It will help you monitor the progression of your illnesses. You can adjust the treatment plan based on your reports. This way you can prevent your condition from getting worse and ensure proper lung function. 

Preventive Care 

We provide advice on preventive care during your regular checkups. We also inform you about various preventive measures to keep your lungs in good condition. We encourage you to quit smoking which can cause the majority of your lung diseases. We also give you vaccinations for flu, covid 19, and other spreadable medical conditions. These vaccinations will help you prevent diseases and stay healthy. 

Who Needs Regular Lung Checkups?

Smokers and Former Smokers 

Are you a smoker? Or were you a regular smoker in the past? You have the possibility of having COPD. You need routine medical examinations to detect and manage smoking related lung diseases. Regular monitoring can help detect any potential lung issues even if you have quit smoking. 

Individuals with Chronic Respiratory Conditions

You need constant lung examinations to monitor and manage your chronic diseases. Asthma or COPD can turn into a serious condition over time. It can cause breathing difficulty and even take you to emergency rooms. You can assess your lung function and adjust medications with the help of periodic checkups.

Workers Exposed to Occupational Hazards 

Does your workplace have dust, chemicals, or other lung irritants? Then you must go for lung examinations a minimum of one time every year. People working in construction, mining or manufacturing industries have more risk of developing respiratory issues. You should not neglect lung assessment if you are one of them.

Older Adults 

Senior people over the age of 65 can develop lung conditions easily. They have weak immune systems because of aging and other medical conditions. You must make sure your parents and grandparents do the checkups. It will help to catch diseases early as well as maintain their lung function.  

Family History of Lung Diseases

Do any of your family members have or ever had respiratory conditions? You have the potential genetic risk factors for having those diseases too. That’s why keeping your lung conditions under constant monitoring can help you prevent their development as well as manage them from early stages. 

What to Expect During a Lung Check-Up

Medical History Review

We review your medical record, family history of lung diseases and smoking history during your assessment. We also look into any respiratory symptoms. We question about your workplace and house environment to get an idea about pollutants. This information helps us assess your risk factors and create guidelines for further evaluation.

Physical Examination 

We conduct a thorough physical examination. We give special attention to your chest and lungs. We listen to your lungs for any abnormal sounds. Like wheezing, crackles or diminished breath sounds. We may also use our hands to look for tenderness or abnormalities. These physical findings give us important clues about the condition of your lungs.

Imaging Tests

We may also suggest you chest X-ray or CT scan depending on your symptoms. We need this report to see your internal lung conditions in detail. We can detect pneumonia, lung tumors or fluid buildup by observing X-ray film. And we advise CT scan to look for abnormalities within your lungs in more detail.

Pulmonary Function Tests

We offer spirometry to check the functional capabilities of your lungs. We advise this test to measure the amount of air you can breathe out. It can also show how quickly you can exhale air. We do this test to identify conditions like asthma and COPD.

We also recommend Plethysmography if required. It is done to measure your lung capacity. We can know the volume of air your lungs can hold. We can identify conditions like restrictive lung diseases through this assessment. 

Laboratory Tests

Sometimes we may recommend blood and mucus tests. These assessments can help to diagnose the presence of infections and other underlying conditions. We look for inflammation and infection through blood tests. And your mucus gives proof of abnormalities in the respiratory secretions.

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Why is it important to check up on your lungs regularly?

The checkup helps to detect lung diseases early on. Doctors can find out if you have COPD, asthma, or lung cancer. It allows for timely treatment.

Who should get regular lung check-ups? 

Individuals with a history of smoking and a high risk of lung cancer should get regular checkups. People with a family history of lung disease should have this screening also. 

How often should one have a lung check-up?

USPSTF recommends annual screening for high-risk individuals. It can be more often based on your healthcare provider’s recommendation. 

Where can I get my lungs checked?

You can get your lungs checked at primary care clinic near you in Jamaica or Sunnyside like Efficient Medical Care PLLC.

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