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diabetes management
Jun 05, 2024 157 views

Diabetes is a long term health condition. You need to manage it for your well being. High blood sugar can damage your organs. You can prevent heart, eye or kidney problems by controlling your blood sugar levels properly. Primary care physicians can help you manage and control this condition. Our Internal medicine doctor from Jamaica, Dr. Barnali Hasan MD, will tell you how a primary care physician can help you manage diabetes.

Understanding Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition if your blood sugar level becomes abnormally higher. It can happen if your body cannot regulate them properly. Your body produces insulin naturally. This is a hormone that helps sugar enter your cells. Then your body gets energy to function. Your blood sugar can increase if:

  • Your body does not produce enough insulin
  • Your body cannot use insulin 

Sugar builds up in your bloodstream when any of these happen. 

Types of Diabetes

This condition has 3 types:

Type 1: You have this diabetic condition when your body cannot produce insulin. 

Type 2: This is a condition when you have insulin but your body cannot use them. You can develop this problem usually in your adulthood.

Gestational: This condition usually happens to women. It develops during pregnancy and stays until the delivery of the baby. You have the chance of developing type 2 if you ever had this condition in your later life.

Diabetes Symptoms

Early Warning Signs

You will feel more thirsty and have frequent urination.  This happens mostly in its initial period. You may feel more tired than usual. You can have blurred vision.


You will experience numbness in the hands or feet.  It happens as this chronic condition progresses.

Slow Wound Healing 

Diabetes can affect the body's ability to heal wounds. It usually takes more time than usual to heal.

Unexplained Weight Loss

People may experience weight loss without any explanation. It is common for type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Complications

You have the risk of developing serious medical conditions because of diabetes. Your blood vessels and nerves can get damaged due to flowing blood containing excess sugar. This can affect your cardiac health and increase your chance of having heart attacks. You also have the possibility of stroke and kidney disease. Your eyes can have problems if the nerves that flow blood to them get damaged. 

Role of Primary Care Providers in Diabetes Management

Early Diagnosis and Screening

Primary care doctors conduct your routine screenings for diabetes. We look into your medical records, family history, weight and other aspects that can be a risk factor. We also do your diagnosis to identify the underlying conditions. We order fasting blood glucose, HbA1c and oral glucose tolerance tests. These assessments help us identify your conditions and provide you with early interventions.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Our primary care physicians consider your age, lifestyle, symptoms and health needs to develop your customized primary care treatment plans. We recommend medication and lifestyle modification depending on your symptoms and lifestyle. We also observe your progress and adjust our treatment plan if necessary. Our internal medicine doctors tell you about diabetes and the complications it can create on your overall health. We help you identify the symptoms of both low and high sugar levels. We encourage you to make informed lifestyle choices. We give you instructions on how to self-monitor blood sugar levels at home as well.

Patient Education and Empowerment

Our internal medicine doctors tell you about diabetes and the complications it can create on your overall health. We help you identify the symptoms of both low and high sugar levels. We encourage you to make informed lifestyle choices. We give you instructions on how to self-monitor blood sugar levels at home as well.

Lifestyle Modification Support

Diet Plan

PCPs give you advice on your diet plan. We recommend food items you must eat and avoid considering your cultural practices. We advise limiting the consumption of food and drinks that contain sugar. We also tell you how you can maintain balanced meals and ensure portion control. We suggest meals that contain healthy fats and lean proteins. It helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels throughout the day.

Physical Exercise

Our internists help incorporate physical movements into your daily routine. We assess your health condition to identify the types of exercise that will be suitable for your body. We suggest moderate aerobic activities and walking. We suggest doing these activities for at least 150 mins per week. We help you set realistic goals. We also provide you with precautionary measures to ensure your safety.

Weight Management

Physicians help you manage your weight in case you have obesity. We do this to help you prevent the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. We assess your overall health and identify the reasons behind your weight gain. We recommend diet plans and exercise. We regularly monitor your progress too. 

Regular Monitoring and Follow Up

Internal medicine doctors offer you follow up appointments to monitor your sugar level and internal health conditions. We check your vitals and conduct laboratory tests onsite. We evaluate your test results to understand the effectiveness of our treatment plan. We suggest you new plan or make changes to the existing plan if necessary.

Coordinated Care and Specialist Referral

Primary care physicians work with other medical professionals to ensure you get comprehensive care. We refer you to specialists in case you require advanced treatment. Our referral system has connections with dietitians for diet plan, cardiologists for heart problems, nephrologists for kidney disorders and other medical specialists. We book your appointment considering your health needs. We also provide your medical records to the specialists to ensure a smooth transition in your care.

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